• Ferro Alloys,
    Ferro silicon of 70-75 Grades.

  • Silica fumes

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M/s Ugen Ferro Alloys Pvt. Ltd.  is an FDI company incorporated under the Companies Act of the Kingdom of Bhutan, 2000 at the Office of the Registrar of Companies, Thimphu , Bhutan on 24th May 2006,with the main objectives of carrying on business of manufacturing, processing and dealing in Ferro Alloys and other related products. The project is located at Pasakha Industrial Estate, Bhutan and the Registered Office is located in Phuentsholing town.
The company is presently operational with one number 18 MVA submerged Arc furnace for manufacturing Ferro Silicon with an installed capacity of 13,800 TPA.
With a vision to be the provider of the highest quality of Ferro silicon to the steel and other alloy steel foundries in the present market, the company does not want to compromise on quality and service.
The company believes in the policies laid down by the broad minded Bhutanese government. First of all, the company completely wants to give back to the society what it has given to us. The government has given us an opportunity and we would like to give back in terms of maximum Bhutanese national employment
The environment is a major concern for the nation and the company, for which the company has made a big investment on avoiding the impure fumes from mixing with the atmosphere by installing a gas cleaning plant
The company plans to create a niche for itself in terms of customer base and functioning. With the basic knowledge to execute and take decisions and foresight of the management and the expertise of the staff, the market place can expect a change in the way business was done in the past.

  • Stable and consistent availability of the power, being a major input is reasonable in Bhutan compared to other countries. It is utilizing environmentally friendly hydro power.
  • The availability of abundant quartzite in Bhutan, the major raw material for production of Ferro-Silicon has also contributed to the growth of the company.
  • The factory is guided by competent supervisors and Managers, each a master in their own field who provide timely help and guidance to the juniors along with a total no. of 200 staffs who caters to the plant 24 hours.
    It is also facilitated for auto control of emission by gas cleaning plant. PLC based control panels for managing the operations of material handling system and furnace operations
  • The distance of the raw materials and the proximity to India from the plant is also of prime importance as the transportation cost of raw materials to the plant site directly influences the cost of the Ferro Silicon production.
  • The main product is Ferro silicon.Ugen Ferro Alloys produces Ferro silicon of 70-75% grade. And as per the customer demand UFAL also produces high grade Ferro silicon.75-80%.
  • Silica fumes are the product obtained from cleaning of OFF gas from chimney having Sio2 grade above 80%.