• Ferro Alloys,
    Ferro silicon of 70-75 Grades.

  • Silica fumes

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Ferro Alloys,Ferro silicon of 70-75 Grades.

The production units at Bhutan largely cater to the India & 3rd country market. The unit started its operation in the year 2006 and in a short span of time it is one amongst the active producer of Ferro Silicon in Bhutan with regard to export of Ferro Alloys (Grade : 70-75). Our focus on stringent quality measures and timely delivery has resulted in establishing a proven track record amongst leading international buyers. We exports products to Europe, Japan, China and Middle East. Due to the high quality of our ferro alloys, they are used by steel manufacturers which cater directly to the aviation, ammunition and motor industries.

% Si 70-75
% Al 1.5 max
% C 0.15 max
% p 0.05 max
% s 0.05 max
Size (mm) as per requirement


The final product is packed and packaged in 40 kg jute bags with inner liner-bags or in 1MT HDPE bags. The size can be produced according to the customer's requirement.




Silica fumes

The Company also manufactures Silica Fume as a ‘by product’ which is exported to consumers in India, Bhutan and abroad.A co-product of Ferrosilicon smelting, very useful for making high strength and durable concrete. When added to concrete, it improves the compressive and tensile strength, improves resistance to sulphate and chloride attack, minimizes Alkali Silica Reaction (ASR), protects against corrosion of reinforcement etc.